Amazon Enjoys Largest Sales Day Ever, Thanks to Prime Day

The top seller was Amazon's Echo Dot.

Amazon’s third annual Prime Day was the biggest shopping day ever for the online giant.

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Sales were up a staggering 60 percent from last year after people took advantage of countless deals offered by the retail website.

CNBC's consumer reporter Courtney Reagan spoke to Inside Edition about Amazon’s power.

"Every year it seems as if the excitement grows and grows,” she told Inside Edition. “It just goes to show the power of Amazon. Amazon is the new Hallmark. It can get us to buy on a day they created.”

The biggest sellers included the Amazon Echo Dot, the puck-like device works as a personal assistant. Thousands were sold every minute.

A 55-inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV from Element was also a major seller, as its price was slashed from $650 to $399.99 for the sale.

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The Instapot pressure cooker was also one of the top sellers. It has become a cult favorite among users, thanks to YouTube videos of people using their Instapot. On Prime Day, it sold for $89.99, down from $129.

The event was started two years ago to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. This year, Prime Day lasted 30 hours instead of 24 hours like it had in years past.

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