Girl, 15, Charged With Shooting Her Mother Dead Before Setting Their House on Fire: Cops

Police say the body of Peggy Schroeder, 53, was found in a burning home Saturday.

The body of an Illinois woman who was shot in the head was found lifeless in a burned home over the weekend and cops say her teen daughter is to blame.

The remains of Peggy Schroeder, 53, were found in a burning home Saturday in the town of Morrison, outside Chicago.

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On Tuesday, her 15-year-old daughter and the girl's friend, also 15, appeared in court to face charges related to Schroeder's death.

Schroeder's daughter faces two counts of first-degree murder, concealment of a homicide and arson. The friend could face charges of concealing a homicide and arson for allegedly helping the daughter, authorities said.

Sheriff's detective David Molina said in court Tuesday that the daughter waited for her mother to get home July 6, at which point she confronted her in the living room and shot her in the forehead.

According to the AP, the detective testified that the daughter then texted her friend about what she'd done along with a photo of the body.

On Thursday, police believe the friend came over to try to help clean up the blood. The pair then went to a fast food restaurant, where the daughter vomited in the bathroom after learning her father was coming to visit, cops said.

According to Molina's testimony, the girls then torched the home.

As the fire was being reported by neighbors, Molina said the friend went home, where she allegedly confessed everything to her mother out of guilt. The pair then took their story to the sheriff's office, he said.

The daughter was located at her father's house, police said, and Molina testified that she confessed to the killing.

Both are in custody at a juvenile detention center and their names are not being released.

In a statement, an attorney for the daughter said he had no comment on the specifics of the case.

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"My client is a young child and needs to be viewed as the law views her, as a young child," the attorney said.

An autopsy was carried out on Schroeder Tuesday. Authorities said the official cause of death will be released when a pathologist's report is complete.

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