Light Bulb at California Fire Department Has Been Working Since 1901

The firefighters used to hit the trusty light bulb for good luck. Now they're not allowed to touch it.

A California fire department claims a lightbulb in their station has continuously burned for 116 years.

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The assertion comes after a Pittsburgh couple said an alarm clock had been stuck in their wall for 13 years, and a Pennsylvania homeowner said she had a lightbulb that functioned for 37 years.

Tom Bramell, a retired deputy fire chief, is in charge of looking after the bulb.

“It's been burning continuously since 1901,” he told Inside Edition. “You're not allowed to touch it, we don’t even dust it off.”

Modern fluorescent bulbs last about 20,000 hours but the bulb at the Livermore Fire Department near San Jose, Cal. has been on for 1 million hours and counting.

The bulb has shined since World War I and II, the moon landing, 21 presidents, the Beatles invasion, the Kennedy assassination, 9/11, all through present day.

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The bulb, made of hand-blown glass, was manufactured in Shelby, Ohio. Inside is a special carbon filament baked to make it as hard as a diamond, according to the department.

“I suspect this lightbulb will continue to burn for another 100 years,” Bramell said.

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