Stomach-Turning Spill Leaves 7,500 Pounds of 'Slime Eels' On Highway

Not for the faint of heart.

There were slippery conditions on an Oregon highway this week, but they weren't caused by the rainy Northwest weather.

They were caused by 7,500 pounds of seafood.

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Hagfish, specifically: a spineless ocean dweller nicknamed the "slime eel" for the gobs of goo it excretes in times of stress.

Times, it seems, that include being overturned onto a highway while in transit to Korea, where they are considered a delicacy. 

At least one vehicle got completely slimed on U.S. 101 Thursday, when a five-car chain reaction that started with the airborne hagfish snarled traffic for hours.

The cleanup, immortalized on film by the Oregon Department of Transportation, is as stomach-turning as one would expect.

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While several vehicles appeared to sustain major damage, thankfully no one was injuried.

The same could not be said for the hagfish, which require seawater to survive and perished in the road.

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