Grandmother Convinces Escaped Inmate To Give Himself Up

Cops say 24-year-old Revantae Williams fled Wednesday night.

A Florida grandmother is being credited with helping bring a fugitive back to state custody after cops say she convinced him to give himself up.

Authorities say Revantae Williams, 24, fled a re-entry program in Ocala on Wednesday night and proceeded to a residence, where he knocked on the door and asked the woman who answered the door if he could use her phone.

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The 63-year-old woman told police she let Williams use her phone and, over the course of the conversation, heard what she believed was Williams asking a relative to come pick him up, the Ocala Star-Banner reported.

The woman said she also heard the relative on the other line refuse to pick him up and demand he turn himself in. 

When Williams reportedly asked the woman if he could hide in her yard, she urged him to turn himself in.

She reportedly urged Williams to give himself up until he finally agreed to do so.

When police arrived to the woman's home, she even accompanied him outside. She later told reporters he'd been polite and that he seemed scared.

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“It was the safest thing for him to do,” the woman said.

Police said Williams told them he regretted escaping because he had less than one year left to serve in prison. He was out of custody for about 44 minutes, officials said.

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