Baby Delivered by Emergency C-Section After Mom Was Struck By Lightning Dies: Report

Baby Owen Davidson is the sixth person to be killed by lightning in the U.S. this year.

The infant born after his mother was rushed to the hospital because she was struck by lightning while walking in her Florida neighborhood has died, loved ones said.

Baby Owen Davidson died Wednesday after being delivered by emergency C-section on June 30, a week before his mother’s due date, an unnamed family friend told WBBH-TV.

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Meghan Davidson, 26, was struck in the head the day before as she took a walk in Whispering Palms, where the weather was cloudy, but neighbors said there was no rain or thunder.

Before his death, Owen reportedly had a strong heartbeat, but needed oxygen assistance to breath, according to reports.

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He is the sixth person to be killed by lightning in the U.S. this year. Four of the fatal lightning strikes took place in Florida.

Meghan Davidson, who reportedly suffered a collapsed lung and went into cardiac arrest, is recovering out of the hospital. Owen was her third child.

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