See the Moment News Chopper Pilot Spotted Missing Toddler From the Air

Little Amaya Vester was found safe after her mom's boyfriend's car was stolen with her inside.

An eagle-eyed news chopper pilot and his team saved the day after spotting a missing toddler in Kansas City earlier this week.

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"Kind of amazing to be the guys who found her," KCTV pilot Gregg Bourdon told Inside Edition.

The terrifying ordeal began at a gas station on Wednesday when 3-year-old Amaya Vester was asleep in her mom's boyfriend's car.

As he ran inside the store to buy a drink, a woman rushed out and jumped inside the car, surveillance video shows. The thief was allegedly working with another man and they sped away in different cars.

A police chopper wasn't available, so cops asked the local news station for help locating the girl.

Bourdon said that they had to act quickly because "darkness was coming" and they needed the remaining daylight to help find the young girl. 

They soon spotted the missing Ford Focus abandoned on a quiet road in a wooded area. The chopper's cameras caught little Amaya peering out from the car.

Police were notified and an officer rushed to the scene. KCTV's footage shows the officer comforting the little girl with a gentle pat on the cheek before scooping her up in his arms.

They then gave Bourdon a wave.

On Thursday, cops say one of the two suspects who stole the car was taken into police custody.

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Amaya was reunited with her mom, who told Inside Edition that her daughter is doing well.

"I think she slept all the way through it and when she woke up, she was in the middle of nowhere and there was nobody there," she said.

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