Wobbly Baby Elephant Wears a Harness As Mom Teaches Her How to Walk

Zookeepers say Joy and her mom are bonding well behind the scenes.

A baby elephant learned to walk for the first time with the help of its mom and a trusty harness, video of the adorable moment showed.

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Joy, a calf born Wednesday at the Houston Zoo, could be seen strapped up to its mom in the hours after its birth as it took its first few wobbly steps.

Zookeepers said the newborn's 26-year-old mother, Shanti, gave birth to the 305-pound calf after a two-year pregnancy.

Within three hours, the little elephant started to nurse – a good indicator the pair will bond well over the next several months, experts said.

“Our animal team is thrilled that the birth has gone smoothly,” said Lisa Marie Avendano, of the Houston Zoo. “We look forward to continuing to watch Joy and Shanti bond and introducing her to Houston.”

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The mother-daughter pair will be undergoing post-natal exams and will continue to bond behind the scenes for the next few days, before they join the rest of the herd on exhibit.

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