Skydiver Told Wife He Wasn't Going to Pull Parachute Cord In Video Before Death

She was moments too late, according to reports.

An experienced skydiver told his wife in a video message that he would not be deploying his parachute, but she was too late to save him, according to reports.

Capotorto Vitantonio jumped from a plane Tuesday morning about 10 a.m., just seconds before the crew received a message from dispatchers on the ground, urging them to stop him, according to a police report.

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Vitantonio’s wife, Costanza Zitellini, 25, ran into Skydive Deland, where her husband was doing the jump, and asked an employee to stop her husband immediately, according to reports.

Zitellini had just received a video from him, saying he was “not going to pull the cord and that he was going somewhere wonderful,” police said.

But, by the time the message got up to the crewman who were on the plane with Vitantonio, he had already jumped from 13,500 feet.

Employees at the Skydive Deland said Vitantonio seemed “normal” before he boarded the plane.

Police later found his body face down in a nearby field.

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A chaplain was called to the scene to let Zitellini know that Vitantonio had died, according to

The United States Parachute Association, of which Skydive Deland is a member, reported 21 fatalities related to skydiving in 2016 out of 3.2 million estimated jumps by its members, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

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