Couple Does Hilarious 1980s Themed Photo Shoot for Their Tenth Anniversary

They wanted to do something fun for the milestone.

One Ohio couple took it back to the 1980s to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary.

Danielle VanHorn and Steve VanHorn wanted to do something special for the milestone. Danielle said she really enjoys getting photos taken and when she brought up the idea to her husband, he wanted to put a spin on it.

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“[He said] ‘Let’s do a photo shoot but let’s make it fun. What about an 80s theme?’ I said ‘sure, whatever,’” Danielle told

Danielle said she thought he’d forget about it, but the idea didn’t go away. So when their anniversary rolled around, they each went clothing shopping for some things to fit the theme.

“We actually went shopping separately. I went to this local hospice store one day and I found the green dress. That was the very first thing I found and after I found that one, every little other outfit just came together,” Danielle told “The next day he went shopping and said, ‘you are not going to believe the stuff I found.”

Danielle said Steve came home with several outfits and the pair thought it was hilarious as they went through both of their findings.

“We were just having a blast with it. It was just so funny…. The day of [the photo shoot] he shaved his beard off and had the mustache. That was just too much but it worked,” Danielle said.

The couple, who has three children, took everything from 80s prom inspired photos to pictures in 80s workout wear.

The couple said their photos were inspired by old pictueres of their parents and others from the decade.

“[80s photos] are the most awkward and funny pictures to go back and look at. You know, if you just google 80s photos, just the awkward pictures that come up, that’s just funny so why not do that?” Danielle said.

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Danielle said just seeing the joy on other people’s faces while looking at the photos made the experience awesome. She said she has no idea how they will top it for their next anniversary.

“Maybe another decade. I don’t know. We’ll do something fun,” Danielle said.

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