Police Release Last Text Message 14-Year-Old Sent Before She Was Electrocuted in Bathtub

She was later found dead.

Police have released the last text message that 14-year-old Madison Coe sent before she was electrocuted while texting in the bathtub at her father’s New Mexico home.

Coe, of New Mexico, reportedly texted an image of her phone charger plugged into an extension cord to a friend along with the message, “When you use [an] extension cord so you can plug your phone in while you’re in the bath.”

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The picture shows Coe’s charger lying on a towel over a bath mat. The eighth grade student was later found dead inside of the tub on Saturday night.

Coe’s parents said they hope that sharing their daughter’s last text will help prevent similar accidents.

“(Coe’s parents) hope this will raise awareness of the dangers that combination of electricity, water and portable electronic devices can pose to people, especially teenagers, who are the heaviest users of these devices,” David Miranda, public information officer for Lovington Police, said in a statement.

Officials said the girl died from touching a frayed part of the extension cord that had water in it. Coe might not have known the cord was frayed, the report said.

The teen often took her cell phone into the bathroom to play games or listen to music as she soaked in the tub, her family said,

“Whenever I talked to Madison about it, she said, ‘Dad, it's outside the tub,’” Logan Coe, Madison’s father, said.

Experts say that extension cords make the situation more dangerous because water could be on the floor, where the extension cord is also lying.

The girl's stepmother, who is a nurse, and father, a firefighter and EMT, carried out CPR until paramedics arrived.

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"There was so much water in her little lungs and it all seemed so unreal," her father said.

The medical examiner confirmed the cause of death was electrocution.

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