Boy, 9, Delivers Doughnuts to Cops Across the Country to Thank Them: 'They're My Best Friends'

Tyler is traveling across the country, delivering doughnuts to police officers in a quest to say "thank you."

A 9-year-old boy has been traveling across the country to deliver doughnuts to police officers in a unique effort to thank them for what they do.

Tyler Carach's mission, which he calls, “I DONUT need a reason to THANK a cop,” began after he was with his mom Sheena at their local Bratt, Fla., store, where he bought mini doughnuts for four deputies with his own money.

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“He’s had so many officers thank him and be brought to tears by what he's doing,” Tyler’s mom, Sheena told

Since then, he has distributed more than 9,000 doughnuts, and his campaign has only continued to grow.

Sheena said they were only joking around about doughnuts being a cop’s favorite snack. When he decided to buy them for the officers, they were thrilled.

“I let him do that and he said, ‘Mom, why were they so happy over a snack? I get snacks all the time,’ and so I explained to him that cops have been having a really hard time," she said.

After that experience, Sheena said his goal was to thank every officer in America.

“I suggested we start local and just kind of see what happens and here we are today,” she said. “It just had this amazing snowball effect so here we are and it's just turned into this amazing journey.”

By the end of the summer, the duo projects they will have given away more than 17,000 doughnuts, but if he can pull off a national night out event, Tyler will reach about 22,000 doughnuts and "thank yous."

“He’s had many officers who have stopped him and said they were having a really rough day and him coming in and taking the time to say thank you and to tell them that he appreciates what they do has just meant the world to them,” Sheena said.

Tyler and Sheena are currently on a six-week East Coast trip that they began June 26. They will return to Florida on August 7.

To keep up with the expenses of the doughnuts and their voyage, Sheena recently set up a GoFundMe for the task.

Sheena says the cops are incredibly thankful and they don’t plan on stopping their campaign any time soon.

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“Of course, the mission will just continue as long as we can continue it,” she said.

Following this summer expedition, they are planning a fall trip out West, visiting Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico before proceeding on to California, all for the benefit of police officers.

“They're my best friends," Tyler said. "They keep us safe."

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