'Twerk,' a Kitten That Does Booty Shake Due to Rare Condition, Finds a New Home

Twerk, a kitten with a brain condition called cerebellar hypoplasia that's known for her dance moves, has recently been adopted.

A kitten that has become an internet sensation thanks to her hot dance moves has been adopted.

Twerk, who is about 4 months old, suffers from cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), a brain disorder that causes her body to shake, making it look like she's doing the dance popularized by pop stars like Miley Cyrus.

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She was brought to the Humane Animal Rescue at the East End shelter in Pittsburgh in early July because her owner was moving, according to a post on the Humane Animal Rescue’s Facebook page.

A video that appeared with the post shows she “is obviously an adept dancer and quite content with life!"

The striped feline can be seen walking around her area at the shelter, with her rear end bouncing.

After the video was uploaded, Twerk was quickly adopted by Sara Garbin.

“I saw the video while I was at work and absolutely fell in love with her,” Garbin told InsideEdition.com

"Twerk just danced away with a new mom!" proclaimed a photo of Garbin smiling with her new pal.

Garbin said she wasn’t looking for another pet because she already has three cats that are 5, 2, and 9 months, but Twerk is settling in just fine.

“She wasted no time actually adjusting,” she said. “She’s up and down on furniture, she climbs all over everything.”

Garbin said she researched Twerk’s condition and discovered that many cats with CH are often euthanized. So she decided to make a Facebook page for Twerk to spread information about the condition while sharing photos and videos of Twerk.

“It affects more cats then we realize, people need to be more aware of this,” she said. “I wouldn’t say they’re disabled .They’re just as determined as other cats.”

There is no treatment for CH, but Twerk will require extra supervision, especially since she’s learning to climb and walk up the stairs.

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Garbin has no plans to change the name of her new family member and is excited to provide Twerk with a great life and home.

“I would never change something so perfect," she said. "She’s Twerk forever,” she said. “I look at her and I’m so grateful…she’s truly a blessing.

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