Was Bristol Palin's Surgery Really Medically Necessary?

Bristol Palin told Us Weekly she had medically necessary corrective surgery on her jaw, but INSIDE EDITION speaks to a plastic surgeon who is skeptical.

Was Bristol Palin's face-altering surgery really "necessary for medical reasons"?
That's what the 20-year-old told Us Weekly magazine, claiming she had corrective surgery to realign her jaw. "It's not plastic surgery," she insisted.

But now medical experts are weighing in.

"My professional opinion is she had cosmetic surgery to help improve her profile," says New York facial plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Pearlman.

Dr. Pearlman tells INSIDE EDITION she may have had a chin implant inserted.

"She has a better jaw alignment, meaning the chin is more inline with her nose, so she's had some type of augmentation of her chin either an artificial augmentation with an implant or a genioplasty, where the bone is slid forward," he says.

He also thinks she may have had filler injected into her cheeks.