Bambi's Best Friend: Dog Rescues Baby Deer Stranded in Water

Storm the dog jumped into action, and even stayed by the fawn's side.

Mark Freeley was walking with his dog on a beach in New York Sunday morning when his dog suddenly jumped into the waters of the Long Island Sound.

But little did Freeley know, Storm, his golden retriever, was running to rescue a baby deer that was struggling for help.

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"Storm saw something in the water," Freeley said. "He ran ahead of me and just charged into the water."

As Freeley recorded, he watched as Storm went over to the fawn, grabbed it with his mouth, and delivered it safely to shore.

After the fawn tried to run away, Freeley enlisted the help of animal organization Strong Island Rescue, which was able to recapture the animal.

The fawn is currently at an animal shelter in good condition.

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Freeley posted his video to Facebook. It has been watched more than 1.6 million times.

As a reward for his rescue, Storm took a trip to the doggie bakery and got himself some homemade cookies.

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