Package Bandit Caught Red-Handed as Homeowner Returns and Blocks Getaway Car

The incident happened in broad daylight in San Jose, Calif.

A woman was caught on camera trying to steal a package from a homeowner's front porch in California, only to be stopped in her tracks by the theft victim herself.

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In the video, the woman can be seen casually walking up to the San Jose home, taking the box and making a break for it toward a getaway car.

As she gets into the vehicle, resident Heidi Burrows pulls up, honking her horn while blocking the car.

Realizing she had no way out, the bandit then tosses the box she stole out of the car window before the driving off.

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Burrows told Inside Edition that she was able to get a photo of the vehicle and its license plate number. An arrest has not yet been made.

Had the woman swiftly gotten away with the box, she would have left with some packing tissue alongside packing tape.

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