Dad and 9-Month-Old Daughter Pose for Cute Photos While Dressed in Costumes

The dad has nearly 100,000 followers.

A cool California dad and his daughter spend their time taking the most hilarious themed photos while donning creative costumes.

Sholom Ber Solomon said he took funny photos before his 9-month-old daughter, Zoe, was even born, so it made sense to just keep doing so.

“I've always taken silly pictures and when Zoe was born, it only seemed natural to put her in the shots,” Solomon told

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Solomon said his wife Carli takes all the snapshots. The images range from Zoe dressed as a flower while her dad waters to Solomon on the grill and Zoe dressed in firefighter gear.

“It's become a family bonding experience with the whole process of running around getting costumes and taking quirky pictures,” Solomon said.

Fans are clearly getting a kick out of the cute photos as Solomon has nearly 100,000 followers on his Instagram where he features the photos.

“Everyone seems to be connecting with the love of a father and his daughter and the response has been extremely positive," Solomon said.

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Zoe, who Solomon describes as a "happy, smiley baby" seems to enjoy taking the photos too, but maybe not as much as she will later on in life.

“I hope she enjoys looking back at them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them with her,” Solomon said.

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