Woman Graduates College After 19 Years

Kathy Vitzthum just earned her college degree after 19 years of attending classes! INSIDE EDITION has the amazing story.

Kathy Vitzthum just earned her college degree, and it took her 19 years!

Vitzthum's long quest for her diploma began in 1992, back when Bill Clinton was elected President for the first time!

But Vitzthum is no Bluto Blutarsky, the famous eternal student played by John Belushi in Animal House.

Her situation is completely different. She got married right after high school, went to work, and had two children. Then, at 28, she got a chance to continue her education.

So Vitzthum enrolled at Iowa State University in the fall of 1992. She only had time to take one course per semester.

She thought about quitting, but her dying dad would hear nothing of it. He bought her a piece of furniture he knew she loved, on one condition:

"He said, 'Promise me you will finish. I won't be here. Promise me,' " Vitzthum tells INSIDE EDITION.

Vitzthum not only kept her promise, she graduated summa cum laude. And the proud mom actually graduated the same year as her son Kyle!
Vitzthum hugged her family and gave special thanks to her dear departed father.