Princess Kate's Gown Mirrors Wedding Dress Worn Two Years Ago

Princess Kate's McQueen wedding gown was an instant classic, but now some are pointing out similarities to the dress worn by Italian actress Isabella Orsini when she married the Prince of Belgium in 2009. INSIDE EDITION has more.

There is new controversy over Princess Kate's universally adored wedding gown. It turns out a strikingly similar dress was worn at another royal wedding just two years ago!

Italian actress Isabella Orsini wore the lookalike gown when she married the Prince of Belgium in 2009. Isabella's dress has the same silhouette as Kate's iconic gown, and both have a v-neck with delicate sheer lace appliqué.

Both brides wore diamond tiaras, and both of their gowns had long dramatic trains appropriate for making a royal entrance.

"She stepped in this McQueen dress and everyone [was] gasping over its beauty and now we just see another picture and see maybe it wasn't so original," says Kristin Koch of

Along with the rest of the world, Princess Isabella couldn't wait to see Kate's top-secret wedding gown, but she says she was stunned when Kate stepped out of the car.

"As soon as the Duchess of Cambridge went out to go to church, I thought her dress was a copy of mine. It means Kate Middleton has good taste," said Orsini.

Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, who designed the Duchess's gown, is remaining mum about the controversy. Isabella's dress was created by Belgian designer Gerald Watelet.  

Some fashion experts say the dresses are so much alike because both brides found inspiration from another princess: Grace Kelly.