House on the Market for $850,000, Despite Teetering on Edge of Cliff

Realtor Valerie Crowell says the price for the Lafayette, Calif., home is a bargain.

This California house may be teetering on the edge of a cliff, but it will still cost its next owner $850,000 to live inside.

While that may seem like a lot of money considering the seemingly distressing condition it’s in, realtor Valerie Crowell says the property is a steal.

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“Mathematically, it’s not that crazy," she said. "We are in a $1.5 million neighborhood."

The property, which was damaged by a landslide that resulted from heavy rain this year, is located in Lafayette, Calif., about 20 miles outside San Francisco.

Due to the landslide, the master bedroom dangles over a cliff with visible cracks along the floorboards.

The home is officially red-tagged, meaning, “Entry into the home may result in death or injury.”

“It’s red-tagged because if there is any more shifting, there is going to be a big problem and somebody could definitely be hurt,” Crowell said.

The tag is clearly seen on the door so potential buyers know the home is not safe.

Throughout the home, there are stained carpets, out-of-date characteristics, and a view of a construction site right outside. However, the house has some attractive features, including a quiet community and a good school district.

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Despite the flaws, Crowell she does a few showings each day at the wobbling home with people who have the ability to repair the issues.

“With the right person and the right fixes, this is all salvageable,” she said.

The current owners of the home are in their 90s and have lived there since 1968.

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