Goat Picks a Fight With Glass Doors After Spotting Its Reflection

The goat then left with its friends.

A Colorado business received a not-so-friendly guest this week.

A local goat smashed the two front doors of a Louisville business Sunday in a lengthy battle captured on surveillance video.

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The goat, which had escaped with its herd from a local farm, can be seen head-butting one of the glass doors at Argonics Inc., while its friends watch from behind.

But it didn’t stop there; the goat then came back and broke the second front door of the business.

“This small herd of goats came and the leader goat saw its reflection in the window," Greg Cappaert, who works at Argonics, explained to InsideEdition.com. "For almost 20 minutes, [the goat] was hitting the front door until he shattered the one side of the door and then returned and broke the second door."

Cappaert said that employees initially thought the business had been burglarized but after reviewing the surveillance with police, they realized they'd had an unlikely visitor.

"They all looked at the security tape together and had a good laugh," Cappaert said.

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The staff has watched the video several times since the incident and it is still funny, Cappaert said.

They currently have the door boarded up until it’s fixed. The goats have returned to their owners.

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