Police Officer Impresses Kids With His Dance Moves: 'We're Here for Them'

Basketball hoops and basketballs were sponsored by Spalding for the community.

You've heard of the long arm of the law, but what about the Stanky Leg?

The NYPD's Brooklyn North Precinct joined forces with NBA Cares to not only shoot some hoops with neighborhood kids, but also to get a dance party going.

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In a video posted to Twitter by the Brooklyn North patrol bureau, Officer Eric Morales is seen busting a move with a group of kids to Silento’s popular jam, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).”

He also squatted down to the kids' level to perform the Stanky Leg, much to the delight of the children.

“It’s a little break from pushing a regular sector car, coming out here," Morales said in a video provided by the precinct. "Taking a break and a breather, just having some fun."

Morales added that the event is an ideal way to get the community’s heart rate up, to exercise and stay healthy this summer.

“It’s something that we’re able to do to reach out to the community, show them that were here for them when they need us, you know, in their time of need, or if it’s just like a beautiful day to share a smile,” he said.

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The NYPD set up basketball hoops distributed basketballs donated by Spalding to the kids and other residents to play some pop-up games throughout Brooklyn.

“It’s really nice to see just everyone reaching out, supporting each other," Morales said. "It’s something that we’re able to do to reach out to the community, show them that we're here for them."

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