Mickey Mouse Helps Parents Reveal Adoption Date to Their Foster Children

Disney planned their entire meet and greet surprise after seeing a Twitter post.

In the most magical place on earth, what better way to announce an adoption date than with Mickey Mouse himself?

Courtney and Tom Gilmour, of Pennsylvania, had been fostering Janielle, 12, and Elijah, 10, for about three years.

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“They knew they were getting adopted someday, but they didn’t know the date,” Courtney told InsideEdition.com.

Before leaving for a 24-hour trip to Disneyworld in April for a Star Wars Convention, the couple received the exact date of adoption for the children — May 24, 2017.

When they arrived at the Orlando theme park, Courtney shared a photo on Twitter of the kids' Celebration Buttons that were labeled, "Getting adopted."

Courtney, who was a foster child herself, said they brought an adoption sign to the park with them and they were going to hand it to Mickey after waiting in line for a meet-and-greet to surprise the kids with the date.

Instead, Walt Disney World reached out to Courtney after seeing her post and coordinated their very own private meet-and-greet with the magical mouse at the Magic Kingdom's Town Square Theater.

In a video shot by Courtney’s friend Vicki, the kids can be seen walking through a few hallways and then into a room to meet Mickey. They had their autograph books open and ready to be signed.

Mickey welcomed them with a hug and signed their books. He performed a silly magic trick for them and then the family took a photo together.

After the pictures were taken, a cast member approached the kids with the sign that read, "Your Adoption Day will be May 24, 2017."

The reactions were priceless and emotional.

"I wanted to run to them because I know Janielle’s pre-cry face and wanted to comfort her," Courtney said. "My husband just thought ‘how cool is this?’ and shared their excitement."

Courtney and Tom came into the video and hugged their children

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And when May 24 came, Courtney said the day was perfect.

"It feels amazing and not different at all," she said. "Amazing, because we get to be 'normal' now and not different because we always loved them fully."

Courtney is now sharing this magical day on a Facebook account she recently set up.

"Every cast member that day was amazing and thank you so much," she said. "Can’t wait to explore the rest of Disney with the kids."

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