As O.J. Simpson Goes Up for Parole, Robbery Victim Says It's Time for Him to Be Released

Bruce Fromong intends to appear before the parole board to speak on Simpson's behalf.

Bruce Fromong, the sports memorabilia seller who was robbed in a Las Vegas hotel room by O.J. Simpson in 2007, says it’s time for the former football star to be released from prison.

Simpson, now 70, has spent more than eight years in a Nevada jail after leading a group of men, some of them armed, into Fromong’s room and demanding the return of property Simpson said belonged to him.

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“The old saying, 'Do the crime, do the time,'” Fromong told Inside Edition. "He's done his time. He's done his time."

The Heisman Trophy winner mistakenly thought objects Fromong was selling had been stolen, Fromong said.

But Fromong had legally obtained the memorabilia, he said.

The collector had known Simpson for decades, and at one point, he sold signed photographs for the former running back, he said.

When the men stormed into Fromong’s room at the Palace Station in 2007, the collector thought it was a robbery, he said.

Five men came through the door, two of them holding guns, he said. “And then the last person in the room was O.J.”

Fromong claims Simpson was duped into thinking there was stolen property in the hotel room.

“Motherf*****s think you can steal my s*** and sell it," Simpson said, according to audiotape made by one of the men in his group. "Don’t let nobody out of here." 

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That tape was later sold to a tabloid TV program.

“If he had just taken a minute to look at everything we had, he would have known it wasn’t the stuff he was looking for,” Fromong said.

Though he testified against Simpson, who faced kidnapping and armed robbery charges, Fromong said he remains his friend.

He will testify on Simpson’s behalf during the former running back's much-anticipated parole hearing Thursday.

“If O.J. called me and said he needed a ride home from prison, I would be there for him,” Fromong said.

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