Disney Star Terrorizing Neighborhood With Dangerous YouTube Stunts: Residents

Jake Paul is being called the neighbor from hell in this California community.

A Disney Channel star is accused of disturbing his California neighbors with a series of raucous and dangerous YouTube stunts. 

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Jake Paul, who plays Dirk in the show Bizaardvark, is also a YouTube star who lights furniture on fire, rides his dirt bike into his pool, and has built a trampoline in his backyard that people jump on from his balcony.  

The 20-year-old’s surrounding residents in West Hollywood are calling it a “living hell” and a “war zone.”

Paul, who has more than 8.5 million followers on YouTube, recently tweeted about the complaints.

“Crazy how many ppl care about me being a "bad" neighbor…bigger fish 2 fry...innocent ppl r getting shot everyday…U shld worry about tht”

Inside Edition tried to catch up with the actor and stuntman, but he drove away in his truck without commenting.

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The LAPD says they have responded to complaints about large groups in the residential area, usually about once a day over the last few weeks. Paul hasn't been cited because cops say he hasn't broken any laws. 

Paul and his older brother, Logan Paul, another YouTuber, both got their start with the now-defunct Vine app.  

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