Goose Waddles Along With Daily Fitness Classes Around a Lake

If this goose can stay in shape, so can you.

This goose seemed pretty eager to stay in shape with a community fitness group as it was captured on camera trying to join in on the classes.

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JP Fitness Cornwall, based in Helston, England, posted videos on Facebook of a goose, which they named Graham, waddling along next to joggers.

“We were all a little shocked and surprised, particularly when he kept going,” group co-founder Josh Pett told “He seems to be living in the boating lake, but is a new addition there, we hadn't seen him before."

Pett said Graham joined in on their Thursday morning speed walk, then their Thursday afternoon buggy boot camp and then their Thursday evening running course. Their latest addition has joined every class since.

“He comes along to be in the group,” Pett joked. “He is quite friendly and allows us to touch him. Today, during our buggy class, he was a little tired and didn't run with us, but the babies enjoyed watching him at the side of the lake while the mums were doing their exercises.”

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During one of their classes, Pett said the goose was so desperate to join in that he waddled out of the lake, crossed the road, and jumped over the fence.

“I carried him back across the road and put him in the lake; he then ran back across the road again,” he said. “Luckily some ladies came along and fed him while we escaped for our run.”

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