Car Stolen in 1975 Found 36 Years Later

When Janice Maffucci's prized Camaro was stolen in 1975, she never thought she'd see it again. But in an amazing twist, her car has turned up, 36 years later! INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Buckle up for the all-time stolen car story! Back in 1969, Janice Maffucci of Newark, New Jersey became the proud owner of a brand-new yellow Chevy Camaro SS.

"I just loved everything about it," she told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent.

But one summer day in 1975, the car was stolen!

"We just lost all hope and we thought we would never see it again," she said.

Flash-forward to the present. 3,000 miles away, Keith Williams of Santa Maria, California bought a vintage 1969 car on eBay for $28,000, but he sensed something wasn't quite right.

"The parts and the model didn't add up," he explained.

He contacted the police, who checked out the vehicle identification numbers. Incredibly, they traced the car back to Maffucci, 36 years after it was stolen!

At first, Maffucci could barely believe the car, now black with white racing stripes, is her old canary yellow Camaro.

"I was just shocked beyond belief," Maffucci said.

She no longer wants the car, so it's on the market.