Acrobatic Vandals Seen Leaping on Parked Cars in Instagram Video: Cops

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying two men seen in Instagram video leaping on parked cars outside a movie theater.

New Jersey police need the public’s help in identifying men seen jumping and somersaulting across parked cars in an Instagram video.

“This m****rf******g video is called ‘Smash Cars,’’’ one suspect is heard yelling before two men appear to leap and roll across several vehicles.

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Officers from the Linden Police Department responded to calls early Wednesday from theater patrons who said their cars had been damaged while they were inside an AMC movie complex.

“We believe that additional vehicles may have been damaged during the incident that have yet to be reported,” the department said on its Facebook page.

“We encourage those victims, and anyone who may have information” to come forward, the post said.

Lt. Christopher Guenther told Thursday night that investigators cannot move forward without cooperation from the owners of damaged vehicles.

“We encourage anyone who was at the (theaters) Tuesday night to check their cars for damage and view the video to see if their car is shown,” Guenther said.

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“We cannot prosecute these individuals without their cooperation,” he said.

Toward the end of the video that was posted on social media, one man is seen rolling onto the hood of a vehicle, apparently cracking the windshield.

“Yo, he cracked that s**t,” one of the suspects says.

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