See How Zoo Animals Are Beating The Heat This Summer

And pets are following their lead.

This summer is a scorcher!

But animals across the country have found creative new ways to beat the heat.

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Chickie, an orangutan at the Memphis Zoo, is taking shade under a parasol.

Malayan tiger Bashir, who lives at the Knoxville Zoo, is hanging out by the pool with a beach ball, while Samudra, an elephant at the Oregon Zoo, is following suit, hosing himself off with his trunk using the water from his pool.

Earlier this season, twin polar bear cubs at the Columbus Zoo jumped into freezing water with their mom, Aurora, and a black bear and her cubs at the Oakland Zoo took their cool-down methods to the next level by rolling around in a slushy pile of ice cubes to beat the California heat.

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This one-eyed bulldog seems to be getting tips from the zoo animals as he takes a quick dip in the lake.

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