Hard-Working Pups Wear Caps and Gowns to Celebrate Graduation From Therapy Dog School

"Not every dog has the personality to be a therapy dog," a handler said.

These hard-working pups are graduating at the top of their class.

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Daisy, Lola and Honey Bunny are just a few of nearly a dozen hounds that donned caps and gowns as they were officially certified as therapy dogs during Pet Partner's 11th annual graduation ceremony.

Many canines in the group will now go on to volunteer at nursing homes, hospitals and hospice centers in Mississippi.

“People love the dogs,” handler Carla Anderson of therapy animal training organization Pet Partners told WLOX.

Anderson explained that in addition to crucial training, it takes certain traits for a pup to become a successful therapy dog, including patience and a calm and friendly demeanor.

“Not every dog has the personality to be a therapy dog,” she said. “Therapy dogs are born, they’re not made.”

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But, Anderson recalled many success stories with dogs they’ve trained, including a man who was “[brought] back into reality” with the companionship of a therapy dog,

“It’s in the dog,” she said. “It’s in the dog’s nature.”

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