Beachgoer Grabs Shark With His Bare Hands After It Got a Little Too Close to Swimmers

The 3-feet-long sand shark was spotted on the Jersey Shore earlier this month.

As a lifeguard ordered swimmers out of the water after a shark sighting, one beachgoer instead reached in and grabbed the shark with his bare hands.

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Andrew Boris said he witnessed the astonishing sight while he was with his son on Long Beach Island, near Beach Haven, N.J., earlier this month.

“We saw [the lifeguard] kind of circling around — he must have spotted something,” Boris told “As we’re making our way back into the shore, the lifeguards just started pulling people in, and everyone’s yelling, 'Shark!'"

That’s when Boris and his son spotted the 3-feet-long sand shark.

“The shark kept making it closer and closer to the shoreline,” he explained. “Even though it’s just a sand shark, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it. I grabbed my son and we got away from the water.”

After bringing his son a safe distance away, he said he went back with a camera, hoping to snap a photo of the fish.

“All of a sudden, this guy just comes around and swoops in with two hands and just grabs it [with his] bare hands,” Boris said. 

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The man could then be seen walking the shark out to sea, where he met a lifeguard in a jet ski, who grabbed the shark and rode out further into sea to release it.

“This guy must be a professional fisherman or knows something about sharks, but I was dumbfounded," Boris said. "I couldn’t believe he just did that. It’s been the talk of the beach the entire two weeks I’ve been here."

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