Prom Dates Show Up to Dance Dressed in Outfits Made Entirely Out of Duct Tape

The outfits took months to make.

A Nebraska teen and her prom date showed up to the big dance in outfits made entirely out of duct tape.

Emily O’Gara, who recently graduated high school, made the outfits for herself and her date, Ethan Weber, as part of Duck Tape’s annual Duck brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest.

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O’Gara had seen the winner of the previous scholarship online and was inspired to enter for her senior prom in April.

The 19-year-old came up with the designs for the dress and matching suit in January and began work on the outfits.

“My mom and my little sisters helped put stuff together. We were all putting flowers on the shoes and flowers on the dress, all working together,” O’Gara told

“It was a lot of piece work with the dress over the couple of months and the day before prom just working on his suit.”

The family used 25 X-Acto knives and 20 rolls of sticky duct tape to create their looks.

For their April prom, O’Gara and Weber showed up in the sticky outfits, which left fellow promgoers stunned.

“They were wowed. My guidance counselor came over and was like, ‘Is this tape? I can’t believe it!’ They were very impressed,” O’Gara said.

Although the pair looked amazing in O’Gara’s creations, dancing the night away in the attire wasn’t exactly feasible.

"It was so sticky. It was so hot. It was a very heavy dress," O’Gara said. “It was a lot of trying to figure out how to walk without stepping on it and taking off the bottom layer of duct tape. And [Ethan] couldn’t bend his knee at all in the suit. So it was uncomfortable, but it was worth it.”

The pair posed for pictures in the duct tape formal wear, but ultimately changed into regular prom attire.

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Once O’Gara submitted the photos to the Duck brand competition, they quickly moved through the ranks and were crowned in June. Both O’Gara and Weber won $10,000 scholarships.

O'Gara plans on using the money in the fall at the College of St. Benedict in Minnesota.

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