Bride's Dad Makes Cardboard Cutout of Her Dog So He Can Attend Destination Wedding

The bride's dog doesn't do well with travel.

A New York woman’s dog couldn’t make it to her destination wedding, but the bride’s dad made sure the canine was there in spirit.

Hillary Bowles married her husband Logan on July 3 in North Carolina, but her 2-year-old goldendoodle, Leo, doesn’t travel well, so he couldn’t attend.

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Bowles and her now husband took their first vacation together in the state and thought it would be a great place to have their wedding ceremony.

Bowles' dad, Wayne Bontempo, of Ohio, wanted to make up for the pup’s absence so he made a cardboard cutout of Leo.

"I know that they really wanted the dog there, so I decided to do the next best thing," Bontempo told

Leo stayed at an animal resort for the weekend with Bontempo’s dog.

“When my dad was driving down he started texting me pictures of a life-sized cutout of Leo,” Bowles said. “He was acting like Leo was breaking out the resort.”

Bowles said her dad took pictures with the cutout of Leo at every state line on his way from Ohio to North Carolina.

He took pictures of "Leo" using the bathroom and even playing with other dogs along the way.

"I took pictures on my way down at different landmarks and had some good times with it," Bontempo said.

“Once he got to Charleston, he took him to everywhere we went the entire weekend. It was a big joke the whole time,” Bowles said. “Everyone loved it. They thought it was hilarious."

She added: "It’s not out of my dad’s character to do something like that. He is a goofball.”

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And of course, the cardboard Leo was present on the big day. He even hit the dance floor with guests.

“It was cute and thoughtful,” Bowles said.

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