Golfers Offer Thirsty Coyote Some Water as It Walks Up to Them on the Green

Photographer Ryan Taplin said the coyote didn't look like a threat: "He just looked like he needed help."

Four golfers were interrupted on an Arizona course when a thirsty coyote strolled right up to them, apparently to ask for a drink.

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Photographer Ryan Taplin, of Taps Media, was with three of his friends at the Talking Stick Golf Club in Scottsdale over the weekend when they witnessed the startling sight.

“We were on the 10th hole and we noticed the coyote stalking an animal,” Taplin told “I don’t know if the animal ran away but the coyote lost attention and it noticed us.”

When the wild animal marched right up to Taplin and his friends, who were standing only 10 feet away, it became clear the coyote was injured.

“We noticed his back right leg was super swollen around the knee area, so it looked like it was broken," he explained. "He wasn’t putting any pressure on it. He just looked tired."

Taplin, who grew up on a ranch, said he could tell the coyote needed help and didn't appear to pose a danger to the group.

While they didn’t have any food, they were happy to pour a glass of water for the animal and offer it a little company.

“I was rubbing its ear and rubbing the middle of its forehead as it was drinking the water,” he said. "I didn't feel it was a threat."

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He said the animal hung around for about 10 minutes before scurrying off.

“I was trying to help it, I just felt bad for it,” Taplin explained. “You could see it in his eyes that he was coherent. He did not look rabid. He just looked like he needed help.”

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