Photographer Snaps Newborn Disney Princesses in Precious Photo Shoot

Photographer Karen Marie, of Belly Beautiful Portraits, says she has always loved Disney.

One photographer has taken her love of Disney to a whole new level with a princess photo shoot featuring newborn babies.

For the shoot, Karen Marie, of Belly Beautiful Portraits, dressed the babies up as Disney princesses, from Cinderella to Snow White.

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“I have two daughters who are growing up and getting older. It was something that we enjoyed together when they were little,” Karen Marie told “I grew up watching the classic Disney movies and just have always been a big fan.”

So she decided to take a walk down memory lane with the recent photo shoot.

The photographer had a gown designer make dresses for the baby girls, who were 3 to 6 weeks old. Her family members and friends helped her to design props for each princess.

“We found a pumpkin and spray-painted it silver for 'Cinderella.' My daughter made the withering rose for 'Belle,'” she said. “My husband gathered branches and created a cradle for 'Snow White' to lie in.”

Karen Marie said she had four assistants during the June shoot because newborns can be fussy.

“I had to keep the babies super warm and rock them and put them to sleep,” Karen Marie said. "'Sleeping Beauty' slept naturally. 'Cinderella' was the one who didn’t want to sleep."

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After trying to get all of the babies together in their costumes, Karen Marie decided it wasn’t going to work so she wrapped the babies of up in colored blankets to match their princess themes and took the final group shot.

“I think the reaction to the photos is more than I had ever imagined,” she added.

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