Crack This Case! Package Thief Exposed as He Bends Over to Steal Box Off Woman's Porch

The face of this package thief isn't visible on surveillance video, but his butt crack is.

Crack is wack, especially for one cheeky thief who was caught on camera stealing a package from a California home.

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Instead of his face, the unknown bandit inadvertently showed off his butt crack to Cherish Clinton, of Salinas, as she checked her surveillance camera’s tape.

Clinton was out of town when she was notified on her smart phone that a package of dog food she had ordered from Amazon was delivered.

When she got home and could not see the package, she thought to call the delivery company, but then decided to check her footage instead.

She watched as the mailman delivered the package to her house, and about an hour later, the “Butt Crack Bandit,” as Clinton calls him, came to her porch and took the package.

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“This should be lesson to these young kids — start pulling your pants up,” Clinton said.

The mother of two says the police noticed an emblem on his shirt and hat that could lead to finding the crook, but no arrests have been made.

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