400-Pound Pig Named Booger Takes a Bite Out of 3-Year-Old Girl's Arm

The girl required dozens of stitches and surgery.

A little girl from Alabama is on the road to recovery this week after she was mauled by a neighbor's 400-pound pig.

Bella White, 3, was outside her Lauderdale County home on Monday when the massive pig, named Booger, chomped on her arm. 

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Her mother, Amber White, gave a chilling account of the attack to reporters.

"My boys came running in saying the pig was attacking Bella. I came running out. The pig had her arm in his mouth. She was on the ground. It was shaking. I ran over there and was kicking the pig, pushing the pig, it finally let go," the terrified mother recalled to WHNT.

Bella had to be airlifted from the scene.

“When I saw them take-off with her and I wasn’t able to be with her that’s when I started crying and broke down," her mother said.

After getting more than two dozen stitches, Bella was able to leave the hospital. Unfortunately, doctors would later tell her mom her daughter's wounds had become infected.

In a Facebook post, White said doctors told the family the infection extends to Bella's wrist and that she had to be re-admitted to a hospital. 

"She had over 20 stitches on Monday but she developed an infection and now during surgery she has to have them all taken out and they are putting in a wound vac to keep it open," White told InsideEdition.com.

White said doctors were doing blood tests and standing ready to bring in orthopedic surgeons if needed. "Please keep praying!!!" she wrote.

Meanwhile, the pig's fate is clear. 

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State health officers will test the animal for rabies and other diseases before it's euthanized.

"I am kind of relieved. I wish it could have turned out differently for the pig, but at least it can’t hurt anybody else," Amber White said.

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