Groping Accusations Resurface for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Claims from multiple women that Arnold Schwarzenegger groped them are resurfacing in the wake of news that he fathered an illegitimate child over ten years ago. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been shy around women, as he showed in a cuddly interview on a London morning show in 2000 when he smacked the female host's bottom on camera.

But the moves of the man once dubbed "The Gropinator" were not always welcome.

Collette Brooks was an intern at CNN when she says Schwarzenegger grabbed her rear end in 1981.

"He was following me and he just said, 'Nice ass.' I just felt completely powerless because I was an intern and I really couldn't offend the guest, particularly a celebrity. I feared for my job if I did," said Brooks.

And there was the shocking claim from the 1988 set of the movie Twins. Carla Barron said:

"Arnold took me and he dipped me and he started kissing me. Then the tongue went in further, it was in the back of my throat. He had just smoked a cigar and it was horrible."

British TV host Anna Richardson claims Schwarzenegger touched her breasts after a 2000 interview to see if they were real. He denied the claim.

And actress Gigi Goyette claims she was just one of many mistresses in Schwarzenegger's life.

How did he get away with his bad boy behavior for so long?

Sherry Rae was a stunt woman in Total Recall. She says he made lewd remarks about women until Maria Shriver showed up on the set.

"In a word, Jekyll and Hyde. He was totally different. He was quite the polished gentleman, and then as soon as she left you could see the difference, and here it comes, all over again," said Rae.