Teen Injured in Ohio State Fair Accident Speaks Out, Calling it 'Like a Nightmare Come True'

He reportedly suffered a neck fracture.

A teen who was injured in a freak accident on the "Fire Ball" at the Ohio State fair on Wednesday is now speaking out. 

Abdihakim Hussein, 19, was on the ride when one of the cars, which was carrying four people, detached, killing one and injuring seven others, three critically. 

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”It's just scary, like a nightmare come true," Hussein told CBSNews. "It started going faster, then it started going higher. That's when it hit the ride, like 'boom!' and my whole life just flashed in front of me, like I just seen people dying,”

Hussein and his girlfriend were passengers in the row next to the car that detached.

Hussein’s girlfriend, Hannah Sallee, told the station that it was pure chaos in the aftermath of the accident. 

"There were people panicking everywhere and what really bothers me is people just wanted to have their phones out," Sallee said.

Hussein suffered a fracture at the back of his neck, according to ABCNews

Sallee said in a Facebook post that she and Hussein were initially on the car that broke off but were moved at the last minute. 

“What an awful image that will forever be in my head. Not a pretty scene. I'm so thankful that my friends and I survived this,” Sallee wrote on a post.

The family of Tyler Jarrell, 18, who was killed in the tragedy, is planning to file a wrongful death suit, reports said. 

The Fire Ball swings riders 40 feet in the air while spinning them at 13 revolutions per minute, according to amusement park operator Amusements of America. 

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Authorities said the ride had passed its state inspections before the accident. Video taken by a local news crew shows an inspector checking other rides at the fair Monday.

The ride will remain closed after the accident. 

Other rides at the fair have returned to normal operations while others are scheduled to after inspections, reports said. 

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