Boy Receives Thousands of Rainbow Pictures From Strangers After Losing Parents

It is helping him cope with the loss.

A 9-year-old boy is receiving pictures of rainbows from across the world to help cope with his grief.

Robbie Ecuyer, who has autism, lost both of his parents in May, and is now living with his aunt Crystal Skawinski.

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In order to help Robbie deal with the loss, Robbie’s dad told him that his mom “went over the rainbow bridge.”

The day Robbie’s mother died, after a battle with cystic fibrosis, a double rainbow appeared over Robbie's school and a family member snapped a picture. The moment meant a lot to Robbie.

“Robbie’s father is the one who explained the rainbow bridge to him. That’s why the picture meant so much when that happened,” Skawinski told

Robbie's father passed away just 22 days later from a drug overdose.

Skawinski, who has taken custody of Robbie, then took to Facebook to ask her friends to send the 9-year-old pictures of rainbows to help comfort him.

The post has since gone viral with more than 5,000 shares and Robbie has received almost 6,000 images from all over the world.

“Robbie touched the hearts of a lot of people out there,” Skawinski said. “It’s actually been a lot easier because we have something to be able to talk about rather than [what] happened. It gives him a way to explain it to himself and when he wants to talk about it, we talk about rainbows.”

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Skawinski said she’s extremely grateful for all the support they’ve received from strangers

“It’s been amazing. To know that one little boy just melted hearts is crazy to think about. It’s crazy to see all these different rainbows,” Skawinski said.

Additional reporting by Elissa Candiotti 

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