Couple's Dog Serves as Ring Bearer At Their Wedding: 'He Ran Right to Us'

Their beloved pup was their first choice.

Sheree Atcheson and Sean McCrory immediately knew who they wanted to be the ring bearer for their wedding day their dog Alfie.

The couple said choosing the 7-year-old canine was a no-brainer.

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“There wasn't a decision to make him ring bearer. He was the only choice,” Atcheson told

The couple attached their wedding rings to the back of Alfie’s tuxedo on their June 4 wedding day, and had him walk down the aisle to them.

“He behaved perfectly,” Atcheson said. “He ran right to us.”

But just in case he didn’t, the couple had treats stashed in their pockets.

Alfie didn’t stay for the reception, but he was a hit while he was in attendance.

“Guests like loved him,” Atcheson said.

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McCrory said they are glad they chose him for the position.

“He's such an important part of our family that it only made sense he'd be the one to carry the symbols of our bond. He's the glue that holds us he looks great in a suit,” McCrory said.

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