Padma Lakshmi to Testify at Trial of 4 Teamsters Members in 'Top Chef' Alleged Extortion Scandal

One of the union members reportedly threatened to "smash your pretty little face."

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi says she was left “terrified” when a bunch of union heavies allegedly tried to shut down production of the show.

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It happened as the popular Bravo reality show was filming in Boston in 2014.

Some local teamster union members were apparently angry that the show didn't hire them and, according to court papers, they "threatened" the production crew.

Now, four teamsters have been charged with extortion.

The men "chest-bumped and stomach-bumped' crew members as they arrived for work at a Boston restaurant, according to court documents filed by the prosecution. 

They allegedly “yelled profanities” and “slashed tires.”

Lakshmi is expected to testify at the trial about her scary encounter with the union guys.

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She says one of the men approached the open window of her car and “hissed” at her, reportedly saying, "I’ll smash your pretty little face."

The teamsters have pleaded not guilty.

They claim they were lawfully picketing the Top Chef set as “part of their union's political protest against the abuse of the Massachusetts film tax credit,” Mass Live reported.

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