Family Dons Helmets After 4-Month-Old Baby Was Told to Wear One for His Flat Head Syndrome

Camilla Gutierrez, 3, encouraged the rest of her family to wear the helmets after her younger brother Jonas came home with the device.

When doctors gave 4-month-old Jonas a helmet for his flat head syndrome, his entire family decided to show their support by wearing helmets of their own.

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Little Jonas Gutierrez of San Antonio, Texas, was diagnosed with a severe case of plagiocephaly after he grew too quickly in his first few weeks of life.

When he and his mom came home with the device, which Jonas will have to wear for the next few weeks, his older sister Camilla, 3, immediately pulled out her own bike helmet and put it on.

“She had learned about helmets before when she rides her bike or scooter,” their mom Shayna Gutierrez told “She’ll go up to him and say, ‘Here’s my helmet,’ and tell him, ‘My helmet’s pink.’”

And, with Camilla’s encouragement, the entire family now wears their helmets around the home to support Jonas.

In photos Shayna uploaded to Facebook, her husband Gary can be seen wearing his helmet as he cooks breakfast, and the family could be seen eating at the dining table with their heads fully protected.

“He gets a little hot in the helmet but it’s already hot,” Shayna said. “I feel like it may save him from a few incidents that his sister can cause. I like the idea that when she throws toys or jumps around, he has a little bit of added protection.”

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Although she isn’t totally sure little Jonas knows what’s going on, Shayna is glad it helps little Camilla understand more about her brother’s condition.

“It’s been more impactful for Camilla,” she explained. “I like the idea of exposure for her to maybe think a little differently for children that might have an apparatus, whether it be a [wheelchair] or a helmet.”

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