Sheriff's Captain Mows Elderly Man's Lawn for Him After Seeing Him Struggle

Captain Cotrell Davis later shared the video on social media, hoping it would inspire others to do a good deed.

Yardwork may not be in this Louisiana deputy’s job description, but he went out of his way to mow an elderly man’s lawn after he saw the senior citizen struggling to do it himself.

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Captain Cortrell Davis of the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office in Thibodaux could be seen in a video posted to Facebook offering his assistance after he saw the older man having trouble with the thick grass.

"It was a hot day and the grass was pretty high," Davis told "I had the opportunity to help somebody in need and I just wanted to seize the moment."

He explained that he was driving with his 12-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son Wednesday when he passed the man, who was trying to complete his landscaping work.

Realizing he could use some help, Davis told his kids they would take a detour to lend a hand.

“I’m always trying to give back, always trying to be a positive role model, a mentor,” Davis explained.

They turned the car around, and Davis got out to tell the man he would take the task off his hands.

When Davis completed the front lawn and got to the back, he insisted on finishing the job.

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“He was very appreciative,” he explained. “His facial expression probably said more than his words. He had this kid-like smile on his face and just had the expression of thanks all over him.”

He then shared the video of his good deed, hoping it would inspire others to pay it forward.

“This is something we all could be doing — seizing the moment,” he said.

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