Details Emerge on Arnold Schwarzenegger's Maid

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about the woman behind the scandal of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s illegitimate child.

We're learning more about the mistress maid at the center of Arnold Schwarzenegger's sex scandal.

Mildred Patricia Baena goes by "Patty." She's 50 years old and originally from Guatemala. The mother of four children refers to herself as a "proud parent" on her profile, where she posted pictures of her secret love child with Schwarzenegger.

The 13-year-old boy bears a striking resemblance to the ex-governor. He has the same hair coloring and athletic build as dad, Arnold. He even has Schwarzenegger's gap between his two front teeth.

Baena and her love child now live in a comfortable four-bedroom home in Bakersfield, California, two-and-a-half hours outside Los Angeles. The 2,300 square foot house comes complete with a pool. The house was purchased in Baena's name name last July for $268,000.

Neighbors say she has been in hiding since Sunday when news was about to break of Schwarzenegger's shocking affair.

The home is a big step up from the modest apartment in working class Van Nuys, California where Baena lived and raised her son for 13 years while working at Schwarzenegger and Shriver's Brentwood mansion.

The modest apartment complex is 14 miles from Arnold Schwarzenegger's mansion, but it's a world away economically. While Schwarzenegger's family was living in luxury, Baena and her children were living in the working class neighborhood, right off of a busy street across from a high school.

INSIDE EDITION got a look inside a unit just like the one Baena lived in with her and Arnold's love child and her other children. The unit is split-level with three bedrooms with two and a half bathrooms.

Baena was paid $1,200 a week in salary to work for Schwarzenegger and Shriver. Her responsibilities included cleaning, laundry, cooking, and other household chores.

Baena was married during her affair with Schwarzenegger. Court records reveal she got a divorce from her husband in 2008. But they actually separated in 1997, just three weeks after the love child was born.

On her profile she writes she's currently interested in dating or searching for a serious relationship. But it's her now-infamous fling with Schwarzenegger that has her under international scrutiny.

On The View, Joy Behar said, "You don't expect Arnold Schwarzenegger to go out with or have sex with a girl who looks like that. They expect her to look like a beauty and she doesn't."