Fans Fuming Over Wax Museum's Portrayal of Tom Brady: 'It Looks Terrible!'

The New England Patriots quarterback was celebrating his 40th birthday Thursday.

Superstar quarterback Tom Brady may be one of the most attractive athletes working today, so his loyal fans are raging at a new wax figure that's not quite up to snuff.

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The wax Tom Brady was unveiled at the Dreamland Wax Museum in Boston where the New England Patriots quarterback is practically worshipped.

The company had good intentions in honoring the five-time Super Bowl champion.

"We want it to be perfect because he deserves to have the best wax figure in the museum. The head alone takes about four to six months. The hair takes about 50 days," museum rep Michael Pelletz told Inside Edition.

The facility went to extra lengths to get the figure just right, using a photo of Brady.

But despite their efforts, his fans are underwhelmed.

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“Ew! That's Tom Brady's wax statue?" one tweet read.

“That Tom Brady wax figure looks terrible!” another wrote.

The reaction has prompted a special request from the museum, inviting Brady to visit and sit with an artist to collect his measurements and do it right. 

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