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Dog's Bark Helps Rescuers Find Hiker Who Was Missing for 4 Days

Kimberly Haines and her dog are doing just fine.

A Washington state hiker has been rescued from a mountain after a four-day search that ended with the help of her canine companion.

A legion of searchers had been fanned out around rugged Mount Teneriffe since Monday, when fifth grade teacher Kimberly Haines never returned home after what was supposed to be a day-long hike.

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Crews first knew Haines was okay after making cell phone contact with her, but didn't locate her until hearing her canine, Rainey, on Thursday.

“We heard a dog bark and then we shouted out to her and she replied," volunteer searcher Drew Fletcher told KING. "At first we both thought it was somebody else. Then we saw her and she was good and we just hugged and cried."

Haines was a little bruised and battered from her days in the wilderness, but was able to survive by staying near a water source, officials said. She was taken to a hospital to get checked out.

After the call from the field team on the radio, "We're with the subject, she's OK," King County Search and Rescue wrote on Facebook that the response from the command post was, "And what is the condition of the dog?"

For the record: Rainey is just fine. And Haines' family said they knew all along that she'd do all she could to help Haines out.

"Rainey would never leave her side, we knew she was keeping her warm at night they were together,” Karen Haines, Kimberly's mother-in-law said.

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Haines' rescue came after volunteers put in grueling hours, slept in the command post and even slept overnight in the field.

"Conditions were very hot, very dry and of course, very hazy due to the smoke from the [British Columbia] fires," King County Search and Rescue. "We're all incredibly happy that we found BOTH subjects and they're ok!"

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