Beauties and the Beasts: See Paddleboarders' Close Encounter With Great White Shark

Somehow, the women kept their cool as the shark swam around them.

A peaceful day spent paddleboarding on the water turned into a heart-stopping situation for two women as a great white shark began swimming all around them.

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Amazingly, the women keep their cool during the frightening experience.

One of the women, Kelly Dean, told Inside Edition she knew she had to keep her fear hidden, for her own sake.

"I was terrified; I had a lot of adrenaline going," she told Inside Edition. "My instinct was to try and be really outwardly calm, no sudden movements, by really calm with the paddleboard. It was just so cool to see up close and personal this beautiful huge animal." 

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Videographer Mark Romanov, who was on a boat, used a drone to shoot the incredible encounter of the women who agreed to be a part of an upcoming documentary exploring the relationship between sharks and humans.

"They were great; they handled it really well," he told Inside Edition. "We were all just really excited for the opportunity. It is quite rare to actually see one. We were excited but not so much afraid."

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