Dad Finds Children and Mother-In-Law Killed in Crash After They Called For Help With Vehicle

They called for help with their overheated vehicle.

A husband arrived to find his two children and mother-in-law dead after his wife called him to tell him their car had overheated.

A woman, her two children and her mother had pulled over on a California freeway when the engine of their Honda overheated. 

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Maria Briseno, and her mother, 58-year-old Maria Rodriguez, stepped out of the car and were standing with the good Samaritan who had pulled over to to help  when a suspected drunk driver in a white Nissan slammed into their car.

The impact killed the two 12-year-old children in the backseat, Isaac Briseno and Ailyn Miguel¸ and Rodriguez.

Briseno survived the crash and was transported to the hospital.

“You can't put into words. She's not stable,” relative Rocio Ramirez told ABCNews.”It's something that I think is going to take a long time for her to cope with it. It's tough, she lost both of her kids and her mom."

The good Samaritan, 60-year-old Jose Prieto, was also killed, reports said. Prieto’s family said it was very much like him to offer help.

“That’s just like him. He sees a car pulled over, dead in the street, he goes and he helps,” Prieto’s daughter, Monica, told CBSLA.

The suspected drunk driver, Luis Sanchez, 64, was transported to the hospital.

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He was being held pending toxicology tests.

Authorities said Sanchez refused to speak with them.

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