Mom Includes Late Husband in Stunning Maternity Photos: 'He Was My Soulmate'

Amanda Snyder's husband passed away when she was eight months pregnant so she asked a photographer if he could be added with a little magic.

Amanda Snyder’s late husband may have not been physically present during her maternity photo shoot, but he was definitely there in spirit.

The Pennsylvania mom was 38 weeks pregnant with her son, Jameson, during the photo shoot, and to commemorate her husband, 37-year-old Jesse Snyder, she had him added to the pictures.

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“When I saw the pictures, I was at a loss for words,” Snyder told “I was holding Jameson and looking at this pictures and I was just balling. They were tears of joy and happiness because he wasn’t there, with but he was.”

Jesse Snyder was killed in May after a tree he was cutting down fell on top of him. His wife was eight months pregnant.

“Me and my husband were supposed to get maternity pictures done and I had bought the blue dress and a shirt for the photo shoot,” Snyder said. “He passed before we were able to get them done. He was buried in the shirt.”

Snyder said she also missed out on her baby shower so she knew if she didn’t get the maternity photos taken, she would eventually regret it.

That’s when she asked the owner of Shanna Logan Photography if she would be able to put Jesse in the photos.

“I asked her if she could put my husband in as a memory. I wanted him to still be there but obviously he couldn’t be there in person,” Snyder said.

The entire shoot the mom-to-be talked about Jesse and reminisced on the times they’d had together.

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“The evening we did it was perfect. It was meant to be,” Snyder said.

Jameson William Snyder, given the same initials as his dad, was born on Wednesday.

“If I didn’t have son right now... I don’t know what I would do without him. He’s a gift to me,” Snyder said. “Jesse was going to be a great. He was my soulmate. He is Jameson’s daddy forever.”

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